Filter Foams Are Polyurethane And Open-Cell Foams. They Can Be Produced In Two Different Types As Polyether And Polyether And Polyester Depending On The Produntion Qualification. The Foams Are Produced With Various Sizes Of Homogeneous Pores According To The Area Of Use. Pore Structures Are Expressed In 10,20,30,45,60,80 Ppi (Prosper Inch). As The Number Increases, The Pores Get Smaller. Polyether Filter Foams Are Preferred For Their Durability And Non-Hydrolysable Structure In Air, Dusty And Wet Environments. Polyester Filter Foams Are More Resistans To Grease And Solvents.They Can Be Produced In Special Shapes And Forms


Production is made in the range of 30 g/m² to 240 g/m² as polyester polypropylene, acrylic viscose basophil, microfiber by using water and mechanical needling, thermal and chemical bonding method.