Eva ve EPDM Products


EVA sponges are closed cells and 75 kg m³ and 200 kg m³ of synthetic recycling with a hard structure with closed cell filled structure. It is used as a swallowing of powder, liquid, air, sealing and vibration by giving all form and shape, and is an indispensable product that is used extensively in packaging, sports, automotive, stationery, textiles, shoes and similar sectors.


EPDM sponges are a synthetic rubber produced with mixtures and formulations from various raw materials such as polyethylene, eva, nbr, sbr,. It is produced in 70 kg m³ and 130 kg m³. Special productions can be made more resistant to chemicals, leaning, corrosion, solvent and oils. All kinds of sound, liquid, air, vibration and sealing are used for purposes.