“The chemicals used in Sponge Production are absorbed in our solvent recovery facility and reused as a result of regeneration. Thus, the least amount of solvent emission is given to the environment.”

In our fight against drought, we have reduced our water consumption by 72% per tonne of raw material, thanks to our savings efforts since 2006. Since 2008, we have used and continue to use our water resources more efficiently by recovering an average of 19% of the water we have used from our Waste Water Recovery System.

Waste Water Recovery of 19%

Annual Energy Saving of 129.000 kWh

Water Consumption Savings of 72%

Ersan Sünger is an EU-type member of SEDEX and takes part in the “Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Programme” (CSR) and follows the rules of SEDEX’s ethical and sustainability methodology. We also successfully completed the audits in the last period.

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02 March 2023
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We are working for our country with more workforce and more production…
Founded In 1994, Ersan Has Combined Its Fund Of Knowledge Based Upon Experience And The UnderStanding Of A New Concept, And Put Those Into Its Business Along With Experienced Staff According To The Requirements Of Industrial Sectors. The Company Conducts Business Activities In Its Own Facilities Related To Processing And Design Of Rubber Products Such As Polyurethane In Order To Manufacture Packaging, Insulation And Isolation Solutions.